Globalization, In/Security and Displacement





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NECLAS 2019 Conference: November 2, 2019

Location: United States Coast Guard Academy, 31 Mohegan Ave. (Rt. 32), New London, CT.  

**Photo identification needed to gain access to the USCGA campus.

8:00 a.m. Observe Colors.  If you are on campus by 7:55 a.m. go to Hamilton Hall, building #35 facing the parade field to get organized on the stairs. At 0800, colors will sound, the cannon will go off, and music will play as cadets raise the flag. It would be a unique way to start the morning for those who haven’t been on board the Coast Guard Academy! If you are walking, stop and look toward the flag; if driving, stop the car.  


8:00-9:00 a.m. Registration, Coffee + Breakfast Pastry, Consolidated Club, Yeaton Hall, building #14on USCGA map (main entrance accessed from East)


**For all the sessions, swing space is available in McAllister Auditorium (75 lower, and 75 upper capacity).  If you need more space for your session, please move to the Auditorium.


9-10:40 a.m.  McAllister Hall, building #13. 

PANEL:  Academic Production & The Effects of In/Security on the Written Word, McAllister 101 

Chair, Julia Kushigian, Connecticut College

Julia Kushigian, “The Instability of the 21st Century Female Protagonist,” Connecticut College

Ericka LaGrange/ Marcus Vinicius Pinto Pereira “For Those Displaced by Climate Change:  Where is the End of the Road?” Connecticut College

Joyce Bennett, “Community Engaged Learning in Time of Insecurity: Migration, Advocacy and the Production of Knowledge,” Connecticut College

Abigail Adams, “A Book and A Border Wall: ‘Desert’ Writing and Organizing in the Trump Era,” Central Connecticut State University


PANEL:  Screening the Past Through the Present and the Present Through the Past, McAllister 122

Chair, Cynthia Stone, College of the Holy Cross

Estrella Cibreiro Couce, Bridging Past and Present in Icíar Bollaín's Tambiénla Lluvia,” College of the Holy Cross

Ernest Rafael Hartwell, Reimagining Philippine History in Raya Martin's Cinema,” College of the Holy Cross

Cynthia L. Stone, “The Anti-Malinche: Juan Mora Catlett's Eréndira Ikikunari,” College of the Holy Cross 


PANEL:  Global Demands, Local Displacements and Territorial Responses: imagining Environmental justices in Latin America I, McAllister 210

Chair, Denise Humphreys Bebbington

Denise Humphreys Bebbington, “Infrastructure Development, Resource Extraction and Threats to Forest Community Rights in Mexico,” Clark University

Karen Hudlet Vázquez, “New Energy Transitions, Same Old Conflicts?  Renewable Energy Projects in Yucatán, Mexico,” Clark University

María José Guillén Araya, “Caught Between the State and Agribusiness Companies:  Land Struggles and the Conflictive production of Peasant Landscapes in Costa Rica,” University of Costa Rica/Clark University 

Laura A. Sauls, “Examining the Socio-environmental Impacts of Extractivist Policy in Central America,” College of the Holy Cross 

PANEL:  Latinx, McAllister 227

Chair, Mónika López Anuarbe, Connecticut College

Mónika López Anuarbe & Priya Kohli “Understanding the emotional, financial, and physical burden of Hispanic caregivers in the United States," Connecticut College

Maude Havenne“The right to remain silent From Bencastro’s Odisea del Norte to the Salvadorian community in Washington D.C.,” Georgetown University

Francisco Concepción “Hamilton save us. Puerto Rico's Colonization by the Diaspora after María,” Interamerican University

Mary Kate Cowher, “Puerto Rican National Identity in the 20thCentury” Penn State U, Harrisburg 


PANEL:  Beyond Recollection:  Exploring Memory Work in 21stCentury Guatemala, McAllister 226

Chair, Betsy Konefal, College of William and Mary

Betsy Konefal, “History as Possibility in Moments of Rupture: Youth Activism and Memories of Resistance in 21st-century Guatemala,” College of William and Mary  

Thomas Birchall, “Transmitting Traumatic Memory Through Performance,” College of William and Mary

Johanna Weech, “Guatemala’s National Police Archive and the Politics of Documenting Terror,” College of William and Mary 

Silvia Tandeciarz, “Beyond Recollection in the Classroom and the Field,” College of William and Mary 


COFFEE BREAK 10:40-10:55 a.m. The Consolidated Club, Yeaton Hall, building # 14


11:00 a.m. -12:40 p.m. McAllister Hall, building #13

PANEL:  Global Demands, Local Displacements and Territorial Responses: imagining Environmental justices in Latin America II, McAllister 103

Chair, Anthony Bebbington, Clark University

Andrea Cabrera Roa “Global Demands and Initial-Contact Indigenous Peoples in Peru:  Obstacles to Territorial Protection,” Ministry of Culture, Peru/Clark University

Pilar Delpino Marimon “Informal Creativity:  Rural Territorial Coalitions as a Strategy from Cross-Border Governance,” Clark University

Scott Odell “Hydrosocial Flow:  Comparing Community Relations Over Water Between Public and Private Mining Companies,” Clark University

Peter Klein, “Movement Strategies in Changing Times: Political Opportunity and the Movimento dos Atingidos das Barragens in Brazil,” Bard College 


PANEL:  Migration I, McAllister 101

Chair, Lisa Maya Knauer, UMASS, Dartmouth

Megan Fountain “Building Post-War Lives in Guatemalan Connecticut,” UCONN

Esteban Loustaunau “Documenting Migrant Life in Luis Argueta’sThe U Turn,” Assumption College

Lisa Maya Knauer “Reproducing Gendered Vulnerabilities: From Sexual Violence in Guatemala to Sexual Harassment in U.S. Workplaces,”UMASS, Dartmouth

Isabel Gómez, “Migration, Refuge and Language Justice:  Translation Studies for a Global Curriculum,” UMASS, Boston


PANEL:  Fragile States I, McAllister 210

Chair, Daniel Chávez, University of New Hampshire

Daniel Chávez “Gaming the Failed State, Videogame Visions of Latin America as a Security Threat and the Fragility State Index,” University of New Hampshire

Christine Westphal “Impacts of Chinese Investment in Latin America,” USCGA 

Mauricio Pulecio, “Transgender Populations in Contaminated Spaces: the Case of Puerto Rico in the Aftermath of Hurricane María,” University of New Hampshire 


PANEL:  Representation and the Insecurity of Language I, McAllister 227

Chair, Ignacio López-Vicuña, University of Vermont 

Ignacio López-Vicuña “Neochilenidades: Redefiniciones del territorio nacional en las obras de Raul Ruiz y Roberto Bolaño,” University of Vermont 

Juan Manuel Vázquez Montero “Floridiano virreinal.  Reconstruyendo el español de lafrontera,” SUNY Albany

Ricardo Salazar-Rey “Racializing the Law, Modernizing Slavery in Iberoamerica (1700-1831),” UCONN, Stamford


PANEL:  Representation and the Insecurity of Language II, McAllister 226

Chair, Scott Weintraub, The University of New Hampshire 

Luigi Patruno “Villa miseria y plano secuencia en Barrio gris de Mario Soffici,” College of the Holy Cross 

Antonio Guijarro Donadios, “El teatro post-antropocéntrico de Manuela Infante: Pseudoapocalipsis y polifonía atemporal en Estado vegetal,” Worcester State University 

Scott Weintraub, “Reading the Disaster in Raúl Zurita’s Poetry,” University of New Hampshire

PANEL:  Teaching Future Border Enforcers to Redraw Past Borders, McAllister 122

Chair, Elizabeth Rivero, USCGA

Elizabeth Rivero, “Latin America in Context: Identity and Borders in the CGA Latin American Culture Courses,” USCGA

José González, “Borders, Metaphors and Empathy Among the Ranks:  Latino Literature at a Service Academy,” USCGA

Alexander Waid, “When Mainstreaming Becomes a Torrent: Amplifying ‘Othered Voices’ in the Language & Culture Classroom with Socially Conscious Music Videos,” USCGA

Morgan Maccione/Amanda Ennis “What the Concepts of Home and Nation Tell Us About Internal and External Displacements:  A View from a CC Environmental Justice Course,” Connecticut College


PANEL:  Stage, Border, Cell: Homes Displaced in the Territory of Language, McAllister 224

Chair, Alba Aragón, Bridgewater State University

Alba Aragón, “Childhood as Eroded Fiction: Juan Pablo Villalobos Yo tuve un sueño (2019) and Valeria Luiselli’s Los niños perdidos (2014),” Bridgewater State University 

Colleen Rua, “Coming Home:  Latinx Figures in American Musical Theatre,” University of Florida

Mónica Simal, “Los documentados de Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro o el arte de traspasar los límites de la literatura para documentar el drama humano,” Providence College


LUNCH: 12:40-2:15 p.m., THE CONSOLIDATED CLUB Building #14 Yeaton Hall 

Welcoming remarks:  Rear Admiral William G. Kelly, USCGA

President Julia A. Kushigian, Connecticut College

Awarding of Prizes, Vice President Scott Weintraub, University of New Hampshire


2:20-3:50 p.m. McAllister Hall, building #13


PANEL:  Migration II, McAllister 103

Chair, Autumn Quezada-Grant, Roger Williams University

Gabriela Ramalho Tafoya “Contentious Welfare: Brazil and Mexico in Comparative Perspective,” UCONN

Autumn Quezada-Grant “Storied Stories:  Asylum Workers” Roger Williams University 

Jeffrey Pugh “Securitizing Migration through Media Discourses in Ecuador: Narratives Contesting Identity and Power,” UMASS, Boston


PANEL:  Food, McAllister 101

Chair, Christopher LaMonica, USCGA

Cassandra Andrusz- Ho Ching, “Latinx Resistance and Resilience to Food (In) Security,” 

University at Albany, SUNY 

Christopher LaMonica/Karina Mrakovcich; “Mapping Fisheries and Maritime Security Challenges in Latin America and the Caribbean” USCGA

Eric Larson, “The Origins of Food Sovereignty: Mexican Peasant Movements and the Global Politics of Food,” UMASS, Dartmouth


PANEL: History, Race & Displacement, McAllister 210

Chair, Leo Garofalo, Connecticut College

Leo Garofalo “Black Sailors and Pilots in the Pacific: Afro-

Iberians and Afro-Mexicans in the Spanish Conquest and Evangelization of the Philippines,

1565-1585” Connecticut College

Sarah Sarzynski “Visible and Invisible Displacements during the Leticia Dispute (1932-34),” Claremont McKenna College

Eric Galm “Forgotten Voices:  Rediscovering the 1950s Brazilian Folklore Commission in Sao Paulo,” Trinity College


PANEL:  Politics and Security, McAllister 226

Chair, Grant Burrier, Curry College

Grant Burrier “Populists, Tariffs, and Representational Politics: Evidence from Latin America,” Curry College

Paul Posner “Reevaluating the Left in Latin America after the Pink Tide,” Clark University

William Demarest “Vendedoras and Voters, Consumers and Citizens: Suffrage, Consumption, and Gendered Labor in Medellín,” Stony Brook University 


PANEL:  Media and the Security of the Word and Image, McAllister 227

Chair, Lori Hopkins, University of New Hampshire

Joseph Kealy“Social Media and Humanitarian Aid During Political Crises” USCGA

Philip Luke Johnson “The Medium is the Narco-message: Analysis of Criminal Communication in Mexico,” CUNY

Lori Hopkins “TED talks, Boundaries and Storytelling: A New Narrative Configuration of National Boundaries,” University of New Hampshire


PANEL:  Fragile States II, McAllister 224

Chair: Gabriela Torres, Wheaton College

Christopher Chambers-Ju, “How Organizational Structures Shape Political Mobilization:  Teachers Unions in Argentina and Mexico,” College of the Holy Cross

Lt. Norberto Pérez, “Venezuela’s Descent: Analyzing the Plummet from Affluence to Crumbling Infrastructure,” USCGA


Reception + Poetry Reading by USCGA Professor, José González 4:00-5:30 p.m.

"From Los Olvidados to My Family/My Family:  A Scene Screening and Poetry Reading," 

The Consolidated Club, building #14 Yeaton Hall.


Books by NECLAS authors will be displayed throughout the day but will not be available for sale on the USCGA grounds.  Authors may arrange for future sales or adjourn to the campus of co-host Connecticut College (across the street) for transactions.

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