OCTOBER 30, 2021


"NECLAS at 50: Rebuilding Better Together"

The New England Council of Latin American Studies (NECLAS) cordially invites you to participate in our 50th annual conference hosted by the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts. We are excited to reunite our membership, new and old, and are hopeful that circumstances will allow our celebration to take place in person.


The crisis and despair brought on by the pandemic in 2020 laid bare deep-seated  inequalities in the Western Hemisphere. COVID-19 ravaged our communities, killing our friends and loved ones. Lockdowns overturned economies --- livelihoods were eviscerated and the razor’s edge between formal and informal labor never looked sharper. Essential workers were placed in precarious circumstances with little protection. Politicians peddled conspiracies and misinformation while the social contract between people and their government appeared tenuous. The disparities between the developed and developing world never seemed more stark. At the same time, 2020 offered hope. Surging populism encountered limits. Cries for racial justice emerged, seeking to overturn decades of indifference or complicity.


There seems no better moment to reflect. How do we ensure access to good healthcare, education, and pensions for everyone? How do we create jobs with dignity for all? How do we reduce violence, discrimination, ignorance, and hate? How do we improve representation and build better democracies? How do we create art that informs our minds and lifts our souls? How do we live sustainably with our natural environment? What lessons from history can guide our future? How do we build back more just, inclusive, tolerant, and resilient? Despite persisting inequalities, we believe can and should “rebuild better together”.


Founded in 1970, NECLAS is an inclusive community that welcomes scholars, researchers, teachers, activists, students, and the general public with an interest in Latin American and Latinx studies. Focused on the New England region, NECLAS, works to encourage more effective training, teaching, and research related to Latin American and Latinx issues, while facilitating greater exchanges within the region through lectures, fora, seminars, conferences, prizes, and publications.


The invitation for our 50th anniversary conference is an opportunity to reflect on the past and the future of our disciplines—from literature and cultural studies to a myriad of disciplines including anthropology, sociology, economics, geography, history, linguistics, music, the arts, and political science—as well as other topics within Latin American and Latinx Studies. Though priority will be given to proposals addressing issues related to our conference theme, NECLAS continues to accept proposals on all relevant research related to Latin America and Latinx Studies.


To submit an individual paper or panel proposal, please fill out the submission form: Neclas 2021 Proposal Form by March 31, 2021 and renew your membership here


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